Friday, October 8, 2010

Your babies grew up to be cowboys

Gary Fitzpatrick
Gary is still playing regularly. His main band these days is The Sick and Indigent Song Club. They've released two albums on Millenium Boy Records and are currently planning an album of sea shantys which will be recorded in a maritime museum. He also plays solo, and with Barry McCormack and Christine Beepbeep. He collects banjo's, banjourines, banjo mandolins, banjo ukuleles etc.

Oona Fortune
Oona DJs every Sunday in The Gypsy Rose and various other nights in Dublin and London. She's currently singing country with Oona and the Devils, and rockabilly with Oona Fortune and the Pavement Kings.

Gary O' Growney
Gary has gone up the country and we haven't heard much from him recently.

Stan Erraught
Stan is working on becoming a doctor of philosophy. When he's not doing that he plays cricket with the Bohs supporters cricket team.

Tim Rogers
Tim is based in Westport and plays with Tim Rogers and the Clew Bay Critters.

Alan Murphy
Alan is occassionally drumming with Gary Fitzpatrick in his Dead Zoo project and also working with Eugene Ryder, Maura O' Boyle and Annabella Stover who he previously played with in Venus Envy.

Pat McGauley
After The Squares Pat played bass with The Dudley Corporation and Joan of Arse but is not involved with them at the moment.

Marc Carolan
Marc is doing live sound for Muse.

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