Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How they had more fun

Pat Clafferty
Is currently in his own words "jamming out some tunes with two nice chaps up in the wilds of Inishowen, Co. Donegal. No internet stuff. No home demos. No myspace. Just good old fashioned live melodic rock 'n roll with vintage amps, drums and bass." Keep an eye out for them playing in and around Derry.

Brian Gough
Is still playing guitar and making the odd piece of electronic music (mainly for his own amusement). He did a remix for Halfset a few years ago, and has done some work with David Turpin.
He also does the odd bit of graphic design.

Fin O' Leary
Is not playing music with anyone at the moment. In recent years he has played with A Lazarus Soul and Nina Hynes.

John Duff
Is missing in action. If anyone has any info pass it on.

Derrick Dalton
Unfortunately Derrick died two years ago. His last band was Crumb. This year saw the release of an album of solo recordings as Aeromodeller on the yesboyicecream/disques fridge label.

Jill Hahn
Is playing a lot of trad music nowadays, on the mandolin, tenor guitar and tenor banjo. She will hopfully be recording a CD's worth of trad tunes sometime next year.

Eric Stover
Eric was until very recently the last in a long line of drummers for Dunshaughlin indie rock behemoths Large Mound. Then he briefly provided a rock steady beat for completely devolved ace power pop slingers Retarded Cop, who eventually mutated into Hot Colossus.

Eric Butterfield
Eric's main project in recent years is Sons of the Golden West. He played guitar and drums on their self-titled CD. They're no longer performing live but continue as a recording project. He also plays guitar in another band called The Commissioners which performs in San Francisco/Oakland clubs.

I'm not sure if I got all the various members of the early line-ups included. Feel free to pass on any relevant info for inclusion.

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